Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

Telematics Solutions for Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

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Reduce costs.

Minimize risks and liabilities

Improve operational control

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Reduce Costs

The capital and running costs of vehicles is an ever-increasing component of doing business. Thus, reducing costs not only improves profits, but today it's critical for survival, given an uncertain economic and political environment.

Our system is simple to use, with reports that provide a quick view into the data you need to manage your fleet This greatly reduces the time and expertise needed by management to monitor your fleet.
You can easily check for vehicle usage outside of authorized hours and areas. Monitoring activities such as excess speed or harsh driving as well as comparative fuel usage and efficiency can reduce extend vehicle operational life and lower fuel and maintenance costs.
For example, reducing fuel usage by just 10% more than pays for the system's service fee.

Minimize risks and liabilities

In many parts of the world, regulators and the courts are increasingly making business owners and management legally responsible for vehicle incidents and misuse.
To avoid excessive risk, businesses need to focus on issues such as aggressive driving, vehicle misuse both on and off the job, loss prevention and more.

Our system provides virtually immediate notifications of issues such as excessive speeding, aggressive driving incidents, potential accident situations and more, as well as online reports where risky behavior can be analyzed and reported.

The system also has facilities such as geofencing, which allows businesses to define allowed operational or home areas by vehicle, and then notify of any vehicles leaving or entering these areas, so that issues can be immediately addressed.
A smartphone app allows a vehicle to be tracked, maintenance data to be entered, and for the driver to interact with the system to set the vibration alarm on or off. The app will notify the user via the app if the vibration alarm is subsequently triggered. Geofencing

For those fleet owners and managers who do not have the time to constantly monitor their fleet, we provide regular summary reports via email that provides a quick overview of the most important issues affecting your fleet.

Improved Operational Control

The information provided by the system allows managers to improve decision making and strengthen business controls.
Knowing where your vehicles are, how long they have been there and where they are going allows more efficient routing and vehicle use.

Our customers use information from our system to improve business efficiency in many different ways.

For example:

  • Contract teams: Cross-check vehicle time-on-location data against team time sheets
  • Delivery management: Compare vehicle stop reports against delivery logs and addresses
  • Sales and service: Evaluate activity reports for sales and service personal against vehicle time-at-location information
We can also provide customized reports to suit your requirements,

How It Works

Our solutions starts with our range of tested GPS trackers and accessories: The items for sale in our eStore is a selection suitable for self install of what we have available.
Depending on the model and required options, the tracker can be plugged or wired into the vehicle. The tracker then transmits positioning and accelerometer data, as well operational and diagnostic data from the vehicle itself. The vehicle data includes engine temperature, fuel consumption, speed fuel volume and usage, vehicle fault diagnostics and more.

The system then analyzes this data and updates the vehicle location and movement data, triggers alarms for issues such as invalid geofence positioning, potential accidents, vehicle usage such as speeding, over-revving, harsh turning / braking, and so on.

You can easily track vehicle activities on the displayed map, graphically displaying vehicle position and track, historical tracks, alarm positions and detailed tracker information. The online reports are also updated so that you can analyze fuel usage, mileage traveled, driver behavior, vehicle stops and trips, and many other activities.
It will also automatically email summary reports of important information to the relevant users at regular intervals.

All this information is stored in a geospatial database which enables us to implement analytic reporting over time and geographies.

The system can be accessed from any compatible browser on any computer system, and we have Android and iOS apps that allows a user to interact with the tracker such as setting alarms, reviewing trips and updating fuel and maintenance records.