Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

Tips for First-time Users

The GPS Tracking system is accessed from the menu bar above: Login / Vehicle Tracking

Change your default password

On logging in for the first time, please change your default password as supplied by Seedrive

Map does not display

This should have been set up by Seedrive when your login was created. You can either contact us to rectify the issue or:

I would like to change my initial map display after login

You may wish for the map to be centered differently, or to display at a different zoom level

Create a shortcut to the application on your Computer Desktop

  1. Right click on Desktop
  2. Select New and then Shortcut
  3. Copy the link to the system at the top of this page and paste in the location bar.
  4. Give the Shortcut a name -SEEdrive
  5. Click next and follow the instructions to close
  6. Optionally, you can change the icon picture: Double click on the Icon that you have created